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Mother touch toys

Yukti Manthana

Yukti Manthana

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The goal is to free the string or ring from the wooden or metal pieces it's entangled with. While there are various designs for these puzzles, the general approach to solving them involves strategic manipulation of the components to release the entangled piece. Examine the puzzle carefully and understand how the pieces are connected and how the string is entangled with the wooden pieces. Identify any loops, knots, or areas and figure out where the string passes through. Sometimes, the solution involves sliding or rotating certain parts to release the string. If you find that a certain movement is not leading to progress, try reversing it. Try different combinations and movements. Look at the puzzle from different angles. Sometimes, a change in perspective can reveal new possibilities for movement or separation. Visualize the steps required to solve the puzzle. Take your time and avoid forcing any pieces. Rushing might make it more challenging to find a solution. If you're stuck, please refer you tube video link for a detailed solution.


  1. Develops cognitive skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. It's a fantastic mental workout for both youngsters and adults.
  2. Manipulating the string, wooden balls, and ring enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  3. Improves imagination and strategic thinking.
  4. Provides a form of entertainment that is a challenging, enjoyable and meditative activity.
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