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Mother touch toys

Toys Box : 2+ age

Toys Box : 2+ age

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Crochet shaker is a soft, colorful rattle with a smooth, natural wood handle. Children are attracted to it. Baby can play with crochet for hours as it has an appealing texture and range of colors. Baby can easily pick it up and shake it in his or her hand. This toy's fabric has a soft, cuddly feel and can be used for playtime, as a decorative item, or as a comfort item for kids. Because they are environmentally safe and give small kids a distinct sensory experience, wooden crochets are a well-liked substitute for plastic crochet.

Crochet teether is a ring-shaped with a smooth texture that has been handcrafted. When we gently shake it, it makes a soothing sound so children begins to have fun with it. Shaker is a type of toy may feature a wooden ball, block, or other shape covered in a crochet pattern or texture, often made of yarn or similar materials.

Classic rolling bell - It is a cylindrical in shape. When the toy is shaken or rolled, the bells inside make a ringing sound. These toys are often used as musical instruments for children, helping them to develop their sense of rhythm and musical ability. They can also be used for simple play and entertainment, providing children with a fun and interactive toy that they can shake and listen to.

Bhowra is an Indian traditional toy. Most people call it as a Bhowra. It has string. First do roll that string around the vertical rod, then throw it on a floor in such a way that it will revolve around itself. Hours of fun for Kids and helps to develop self discovery, hand eye coordination, logic building and learning.

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