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Mother touch toys

Toys Box : 1 to 3 yr age

Toys Box : 1 to 3 yr age

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Mother Touch Toys box for 1 to 3 yr kids: An engaging playground for Toddlers!

Spark your child's curiosity and ignite a love for play with the captivating Mother Touch Toys Activity Box! This delightful wooden toy set is specifically designed to promote sensory exploration, motor skill development, and early learning for toddlers above 1 year and older.

Dog - 

This adorable wooden pull toy dog is a classic and timeless toy that will delight children of all ages. This toy is designed to be pulled along by a string attached to the dog's collar. As the child pulls the toy, the wheels attached to the underside allow it to move smoothly across the floor, encouraging walking and active play. It's a perfect way to introduce little minds to walking action.

Round Board Puzzle -

The perfect concentration toy for children! Made from high-quality wood, this puzzle game is durable and safe for children of all ages. This puzzle game encourages problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. It helps to improve concentration, The goal is to bring all the three balls in the central loop.

Crochet Teether: The soft, colourful crochet teether provides a safe and soothing option for teething toddlers. The textured crochet surface massages gums and helps to alleviate discomfort.

Clapper : Clappers are a pair of hand-held percussion instruments commonly used in Afro-Cuban music, but also utilized in a variety of musical genres around the world. They are known for their bright and clapping sound produced when struck together.

Whistle - A wooden whistle is a charming and nostalgic musical instrument, each imbuing its own unique character and tone quality. The design of a wooden whistle is elegantly simple yet functional, where the musician blows air to produce sound and a hollow tube that resonates and amplifies the notes.  It embodies a connection to nature and artisanal traditions, making it not only a musical instrument but also a piece of art that resonates with cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

    Each toy in the set encourages different grasping techniques and manipulation skills as your child explores the shapes, textures, and sounds. Picking up the toys, holding the teether, grasping the rattle, and manipulating the spin tops all contribute to developing fine motor skills.

    Safe and Durable Made from high-quality wood and non-toxic materials, this toy set is safe for toddlers to mouth and explore. The smooth surfaces and rounded edges ensure safe play, giving you peace of mind.

    The Mother Touch Toys Box is a perfect first birthday or Christmas gift for toddlers. This captivating set provides hours of entertainment while supporting sensory exploration, motor skill development, and early learning through fun and engaging play.

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