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Mother touch toys

Toys box 0-1

Toys box 0-1

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Dumbell rattle - This is a handcrafted wooden rattle for babies who are just learning to shake toys. The cylindrical rod has three rings that move and make noises. We can wash it for daily cleaning. When you move the rattle over your baby they will tend to try and grasp. The Hand-eye coordination is addressed in this way. Slowly concentration and attention are improved by moving the rattle across the child's face and letting them follow the movement.

Bell ring is a cylindrical in shape. When the toy is shaken or rolled, the bells inside make a ringing sound. These toys are often used as musical instruments for children, helping them to develop their sense of rhythm and musical ability. They can also be used for simple play and entertainment, providing children with a fun and interactive toy that they can shake and listen too.

Plate rattle - The plate rattle is a smooth wooden toy which ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy for your little one to hold and shake with joy. As they interact with the rattle, they develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while the musical sounds reward their curiosity and encourage exploration. We designed our Musical Wooden Rattle with longevity and safety in mind.

Teethers - Smooth finishing, Natural and non-toxic wood has been used to make teething toys. They soothe sore gums and aid in teething pain relief. They have a distinctive and lovely design that babies will adore chewing on. Babies can easily hold and grasp them because they are lightweight. Strong and resilient, neem wood is long-lasting and a wise investment. They don't require chemical disinfectants and are simple to maintain. The different shapes provide opportunities for early geometry concepts, encouraging children to explore concepts like symmetry, patterns, and spatial relationships in a hands-on and visually appealing way.

Penguin :- A penguin-shaped rattle is one of the best toys that your child will enjoy. It has a very cute face that children enjoy. Handcrafted stylish wooden penguin is purely safe for kids. It is an animal-themed rattle with a wonderful texture. It is specially designed for baby's smooth hands so that he or she can hold it and play with it properly.


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