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Puzzle Set

Puzzle Set

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The Three-in-One Wooden Box Made of Wood Beautiful, lightweight, and 3D puzzles, the wooden puzzle games set is very attractive. Game boards are made of Indian rosewood. Wooden Game Set that has been sanded to be smooth. The Wooden Game Set is made more appealing and beautiful by the amazing handwork. This wood's quality is very alluring. Each game has specific slot in the box.

Beyond just being fun, wooden games for kids have a lot of advantages. Building hand-eye coordination and fine motor strength. A straightforward strategy game called 3D Puzzles Board Game can help kids develop their early problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Additionally, every round of the wooden puzzle game will teach kids social lessons like sharing and sportsmanship.

Puzzle Description-

  1. Interlocking Pillar Puzzle :- It has 6 pillars which get interlock in each other. The technique behind it helps to build your brain. Intellectual challenge for problem solvers and game lovers, this wooden puzzle delivers hours and hours of fun and mystery, taking apart each piece and putting back together this creative puzzle.
  2. Snake Wooden Cube :- It is one of the best logical toys. All age groups can use it from grandchildren to grandparents. Snake cube puzzle two different colors wooden blocks connecting with elastic string. Wooden puzzles brain teasers snake cube size 2.5x2.5x2.5 Inches & weight 300gm.
  3. Intelligence Star Puzzle :- It is one of the super duper,. It builds genius skills, including ability to problem solve, spatial imagination, creative thinking, and more play again and again to exercise. This puzzle contains 6 pieces. You have to join them in a star shape. Spread it on a plane surface, visualise the star shape in mind and arrange those pieces in that shape.

Instruction :- Keep it away from fire , water an its substitute.

Net quantity -  3 ( 1 Plus cub, 1 Snake Cube. 1 star cube )

Wooden puzzle for kids 3+ years old, its pieces are precision cut, closely fitted, and built to last, painted finish, very sturdy, high quality wood and attractive, great for a mini travel puzzle for kids.

Features :-

  • Joining the wooden open pieces to form the three-dimensional shape is the game's challenge.

  • Concentration, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving abilities are all enhanced by this excellent brain teaser.

  • Fun and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours, made with high-quality Indian sheesham wood.

    Perfect tabletop game and ideal gift for kids over 8 as well as adults. Satisfaction guaranteed. The ideal board games for travelling are the snake and star and plus puzzles.

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