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Numbers Board

Numbers Board

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Simple Number Learning: Whiteboard with Colorful Numbers

Introduce young learners to the exciting world of numbers with this basic but effective white board featuring colorful numbers.

  • Clean Slate Learning: The white background provides a clean canvas for number exploration. Children can use dry-erase markers (not included) to practice writing numbers, fostering early math and writing skills.

  • Colorful Numbers: The colorful numbers on the board are visually appealing and help children connect numbers with their values, promoting number recognition and basic counting skills.

  • Interactive Learning: The ability to write and erase allows for repetition and practice, which is crucial for early learning. Children can trace the numbers on the board, write them independently, or use them to create simple math problems.

  • Early Math Development: This simple white board with numbers is a perfect tool for laying the foundation for future math skills. By engaging with numbers in a hands-on way, children develop pre-math skills, number recognition, and fine motor skills.

Product Description:

Made from high-quality materials, this white board with numbers is built to last. It's a versatile and portable educational tool that promotes creativity, writing practice, and early numeracy development – all in a simple and engaging package.


  1. Enhances number recognition and identification skills.
  2. Supports early math learning through counting and arithmetic practice.
  3. Promotes visual and spatial awareness through arrangement and manipulation of numbers.
  4. Provides a versatile platform for a variety of math-related activities.
  5. Encourages collaborative learning and engagement in group settings.

Material - Wood

Colour - Multicolor

Educational Objective - numbers Recognition

Number of Pieces - 1

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