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Musical toys box

Musical toys box

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Musical Wooden Toys Box - A delightful ensemble of traditional instruments crafted to captivate and inspire kids. It boosts musical interest in kids. This meticulously curated collection includes the timeless khula-khula, the rhythmic clapper, the playful damaru, and the charming plate rattle. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted from premium wood, ensuring not only durability but also a completely safe and non-toxic play experience for your little ones. 

Designed with precision and care, they produce gentle, soothing sounds that engage children and foster their auditory development. Every note is an invitation to imagination and play. Each toy has a specific handle to hold & for the clapper, it is we have given ring to hold it.  Gift your little one to spark his curiosity and creativity. Shop this Musical Wooden Toys Box now and enjoy the endless fun.

Quantity -

Plate rattle - 1 piece

Damaru - 1 piece

Khul-khula - 1 piece

Clapper - 2 piece (of any two colors)

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