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Letters & Numbers Board

Letters & Numbers Board

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Introducing the Letters & Numbers Board – a dynamic and interactive learning tool that combines the magic of letters and numbers! This innovative board features rotatable wooden cubes arranged on a roll board, providing a unique and engaging way to explore the alphabet and numerical concepts.

With its tactile design, the Letters & Numbers Board offers a hands-on learning experience that promotes letter and number recognition, as well as spatial awareness. By rotating the cubes to reveal different letters and numbers, learners can practice sequencing, spelling, and basic arithmetic in a fun and interactive way.


  1. Enhances letter and number recognition skills.
  2. Promotes spatial awareness and fine motor skills.
  3. Provides a versatile platform for practicing spelling, counting, and arithmetic.
  4. Fosters creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Material - Wood

Colour - Multicolor

Educational Objective - Letters and Numbers Recognition

Number of Pieces - 1

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