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Flowers Board

Flowers Board

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Wooden Flower Learning Board: A Colorful Introduction to Botany!

Spark your child's love of learning and nature with this captivating wooden flower board! It's a fun and educational way to introduce young minds to the fascinating world of flowers.

  • Visual Learning: Each flower on the board is brightly colored and accompanied by a clear label of its name. This visual association helps children connect the names of flowers with their appearances and fosters vocabulary development.

  • Shape and Size Recognition: The flowers on the board come in various shapes and sizes, which can help toddlers with shape and size recognition in addition to flower identification.

  • Exploration of Nature: This board ignites a curiosity about the natural world and introduces young children to a variety of flowers they may encounter in their surroundings.

  • Early Learning Foundation: This flower learning board is a perfect tool for laying the foundation for future learning in botany and science. By recognizing different flowers and associating them with their names, children develop vocabulary and memory skills, and broaden their knowledge of the natural world.

Product Description:

Made from high-quality wood, this flower learning board is both sturdy and safe for young children. It's a captivating educational toy that promotes visual learning, motor skills development, flower identification, and ignites a love for nature – all in a playful and engaging way.


  1. Enhances flower recognition and identification skills.
  2. Encourages fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  3. Fosters an appreciation for nature and gardening.
  4. Provides a calming and sensory-rich activity for relaxation and mindfulness.

Material - Wood

Colour - Multicolor

Educational Objective - Flower Recognition

Number of Pieces - 1

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