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Capital ABCD White Board

Capital ABCD White Board

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Wooden Capital Letter Puzzle: A Colorful Introduction to the Alphabet!

Spark your child's love of learning with this captivating wooden capital letter puzzle! It's a colorful and engaging way to introduce young minds to the letters of the alphabet.

  • Matching Fun: Each chunky wooden capital letter on the puzzle is designed to fit perfectly into a corresponding slot on the white board. This matching activity helps young children develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills while learning their ABCs.

  • Visual Learning: The bright and colorful letters make learning fun and visually stimulating for children. This helps them connect letters with sounds and build vocabulary.

  • Tactile Play: The raised wooden letters provide a tactile element to the learning experience. Children can grasp and move the letters around, further enhancing letter recognition and sensory development.

  • Early Learning Foundation: This capital letter puzzle is a perfect tool for laying the foundation for future learning. By recognizing capital letters, associating them with sounds, and putting together the puzzle pieces, children develop essential pre-reading skills and prepare for academic success.

Product Description:

Made from high-quality wood with a smooth finish, this capital letter puzzle is both sturdy and safe for young children. It's a captivating educational toy that promotes visual learning, motor skills development, letter recognition, and problem-solving abilities – all in one place!


  1. Enhances letter recognition and identification skills.
  2. Supports early literacy development in young learners.
  3. Encourages fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  4. Provides a stimulating and interactive learning experience.
  5. Fosters a love for language and reading from an early age.

Material - Wood

Colour - Multicolor

Educational Objective - Letter Recognition

Number of Pieces - 1

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