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Bucket Marble Slider Game

Bucket Marble Slider Game

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Bucket Marble Slider Game :-

Bucket Marble slider game is the best family game which is easily accessible. Both for adults and children, it offers the potential for a variety of creative challenges. Let the marble roll and enjoy the flow! Small containers that are unable to hold the weight of the marbles will roll over if you drop the marble into the bucket gently; then it can enter the next barrel.

Successfully maneuvering the marble through the maze requires good hand-eye coordination. Players need to visually track the marble's position and make precise adjustments to tilt the game accordingly.

Engaging in the game can serve as a form of stress relief and relaxation. Focusing on the task at hand and the rhythmic movements of the marble can help alleviate stress, calm the mind, and provide a sense of satisfaction when successfully completing the maze.

The game demands concentration and focus to navigate the marble through the maze without falling into any other side. Players must pay attention to the movements of the marble and make careful decisions to achieve success.

Dimension ( L*B*H ) = ‎8 x 6.5 x 28 cm; 

Weight = 300 Grams

Net quantity - 1

Age - 2yr+

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