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Birds board

Birds board

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Wooden Bird Puzzle: A Feathery Learning Adventure!

Soar into learning fun with this captivating wooden bird puzzle! It's a delightful way for young children to explore the world of birds.

  • Matching Fun: Each wooden puzzle piece is shaped like a bird, and features a colorful illustration of a corresponding bird species on the puzzle board. Children can match the bird pieces to their designated spots on the board, developing shape recognition, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination.

  • Feathery Friends: The puzzle features various bird illustrations, including a pigeon, crow, cock, and peacock. This introduces children to different bird varieties and their potential habitats, sparking curiosity and a love for the natural world.

  • Visual Learning: The brightly colored illustrations of the birds on the puzzle make learning fun and visually engaging. Children can easily identify the birds and begin to associate their names with their appearances.

  • Early Learning Foundation: This wooden bird puzzle is a perfect tool for laying the foundation for future learning. By matching the puzzle pieces, children develop motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and shape recognition. Additionally, they broaden their vocabulary and knowledge of birds and their habitats.

Product Description:

Made from high-quality wood, this wooden bird puzzle is both sturdy and safe for young children. It's a captivating educational toy that promotes motor skills development, problem-solving abilities, bird recognition, and curiosity about the natural world – all through play!


  1. Enhances bird recognition and identification skills.
  2. Promotes an understanding of biodiversity and the natural world.
  3. Encourages curiosity and exploration through interactive learning.
  4. Provides opportunities for language development and vocabulary building.
  5. Inspires a love for nature and birdwatching.

Material - Wood

Colour - Multicolor

Educational Objective - Birds Recognition

Number of Pieces - 1

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