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Bhowra - Indian Traditional Toy

Bhowra - Indian Traditional Toy

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Bhowra ➖

         Bhowra is an Indian traditional toy. Most people call it as a Bhowra. It has string. First do roll that string around the vertical rod, then throw it on a floor in such a way that it will revolve around itself. Hours of fun for Kids and helps to develop self discovery, hand eye coordination, logic building and learning.

  • Age range - 3+ year
  • Material: Hand picked wood with smooth surface.
  • Safety: Organic and Non-toxic colors used. Safe toys for kids to play.
  • Dimension : Height 11 cm , Length 5.5 cm
  •  Proudly handmade & Handcrafted in India: 100% wood with non-toxic and environmental friendly color.
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