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Toys set

Toys set

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Toys set contains different types of wooden toys.

Rings quality is amazing, its edges are soft so children can play with it easily. It teaches judgement also it requires concentration to put in the bar. Wooden rings are often used for a baby to stimulate their hearing and development, and can also be used by older children for imaginative play. Wooden rattles can be handcrafted and may feature natural, sustainable materials, making them an attractive choice for eco-conscious parents and children.

Interlocking discs Interlocking discs are simple to play hand to hand, it rolls on the floor too. Children are inspired to play and spend time with it because of its rolling. The interlocking disc has a beautiful wood texture. It is a logical toy for children that encourages them to explore how it performs. The gum used in this disc is harmless.

Classic grasping ring is one of the best toys for the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain is a grasping ring. Its wood - paneled texture stimulates the tactile sense. Its smooth surface lure children to spend time with it. The first toys of a baby matters more than we could imagine. Given the rapid changes their body go through and the exponential brain development, ensuring the right toy in their little hands

Teether - Teether is easy-to-hold wooden teethers are made of neem wood and are the perfect for your baby's teething requirements. It increases hand-eye coordination. Grasping wood helps the baby develop better motor skills and sensitivity

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