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Penguin-disc combo

Penguin-disc combo

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Penguin-disc combo -

1. Penguin rattle -

A penguin wooden toy has a unique design. Its shape and texture finish make it ideal for clutching hands. This eco-friendly penguin toy contains three rings of varying colours. It makes a sound as it moves from side to side. The child's attention is drawn to the amusing face and the bright colors. It is specially designed for baby's smooth hands so that he or she can hold it and play with it properly. The tactile experience that a baby gets when feeling wood is important for their sensorial development. 

2. Interlocking discs -

Interlocking discs are simple to play hand to hand, it rolls on the floor too. Children are inspired to play and spend time with it because of its rolling. The interlocking disc has a beautiful wood texture. It is a logical toy for children that encourages them to explore how it performs. The gum used in this disc is harmless. This excellent teether for your champion is made from Neem wood. Playing with this engaging toy is entertaining for the baby. Interlocking discs are an all-inclusive grasping aid that guarantees to fulfil a child's wants and sensitivities. Teether helps to ensures a proper hand-eye coordination. The discs are 90° joined to one another. These are a fantastic first growth aid and are made of neem wood. The ideal stimulus for the clutching motion is this toy. 

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