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Fish rattle combo

Fish rattle combo

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Fish rattle combo =

Grasping ring - One of the best toys for the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain is a grasping ring. Its wood - paneled texture stimulates the tactile sense. Its smooth surface lure children to spend time with it.  The first toys of a baby matters more than we could imagine. Given the rapid changes their body go through and the exponential brain development, ensuring the right toy in their little hands becomes our soul responsibility. Grasping ring is exactly perfect toy for all kids.

Fish rattle - A wooden fish rattle rolls across the floor, seizing the attention of children. Its shades are completely safe. This is a stand-alone toy. The main attraction of this toy is eye-hand coordination, which aids in the development of sensory skills. The rattle makes a pleasant sound when shaken.

Dumbell rattle - This is a handcrafted wooden rattle for babies who are just learning to shake toys. The cylindrical rod has three rings that move and make noises. We can wash it for daily cleaning. When you move the rattle over your baby they will tend to try and grasp. The Hand-eye coordination is addressed in this way. Slowly concentration and attention are improved by moving the rattle across the child's face and letting them follow the movement.

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